New Technology Hydrogen Gas generator for traditional Welding, Soldering, Cutting

Hydrogen Gas Generator Cutting Systems  The new technology for craft and industry

The hydrogen gas generator is simply expressed a machine which transforms water into a separated hydrogen and oxygen 2:1 ratio. That's achieved by means of electrolysis. The mixture of gas when ignited provides a clean, concentrated and very hot flame.

Main application fields are welding, cutting, hard-solder and soft-solder.

The hydrogen gas generator is the result of many years of technical developments.

Hydrogen gas is 100% free of emissions and does not produce any unhealthy  by - products which are normally generated by burning acetylene. The hydrogen gas generator offers a unique security for the user.

The generator itself is developed following state-of-the-art-technique. Pulse technology and microprocessors controlled by computer guaranties perfect function of the generator. The generator reacts automatically in case of overpressure, overheating, low water level etc.  

Main advantages are:
Savings up to 75% when compared with traditional use of acetylene etc. 
Non - polluting
Healthy working environment
Free of emissions and clean
Technical superiority

Supplementary Products:
Plants for Drying
Gas cleaning plants achieving purity of 99,99995 %

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